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Mykonos Cruises

Welcome to the web site of the Association of Boatmen Platy Yialos “Agios Artemios”. As an official organization founded in 1968, the Plati Yalos Boat Service provides a good way of getting to the beach, visiting the archaeological site of Delos or enjoying a private excursion.

The association consists of 14 boats per 30 people each, 1 cacique for 70 people and 15 boatmen. The headquarters of the Association is located at the post of Platy Yialos from where the routes start for the southern beaches. Boats also run from the beach of Ornos with the same destinations.

All of our captains have excellent experience and know the seas around the island well, they can assure you a safe and pleasurable time. They are all local mykonians and will encourage you to sing with them, if you're lucky, musical instruments will be played.